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India has issued a warning to WhatsApp.


According to details, due to rise in violence on false news through false reports, India has issued a second warning to WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp administration had also reported on the fears of wrong reports spread through the WhatsApp in India and take the result. Indian officials have warned WhatsApp again that if he did not take any action to prevent the spread of false news in India it will be legal action against Whatsapp.


According to reports, more than 20 people have been killed by mobs in the past 2 months across the country after being accused of children kidnapping and other crimes in viral messages circulated on the WhatsApp.


WhatsApp administrator said in response to that criticism that it was scared. They also said that they would reduce the spread of unwanted messages. The hugely popular smartphone service has introduced new features to help users identify the fake forward messages by rumors.

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