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California: Facebook has set up a free digital library for teenagers in which there are a healthy friendship and lessons on links on the Internet Security, Internet Privacy, and Facebook.

In the first phase, 18 lessons are present in English which will be translated into 45 different languages of the world soon. It has been named Facebook’s ‘Digital literacy Library’. But surprisingly fake news in it and there is no guide to the rumors under which the facebook propaganda of Russia was influenced by the 2016 Presidential election of 2016.

Facebook wants to teach teen users with this new facility with the use of the internet. Facebook said that this library aims at 83 million teenagers around the world and youths Digital Literacy, It has to be aware of its principles and safety measures.

The horrible habit of social media in the library lessons, Online misbehavior, Privacy and online security like as provided guidance on the issues. Facebook has created this digital library with the Berkman Klein Center team at Harvard University.

Downloading these lessons for free can be read in schools and homes. According to the facebook, In its preparation teenagers boy with girls has been helped and It is divided into five categories in which Privacy, Identity, Positive behavior, Security, and Community has related them.

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