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According to the foreign news agency, player of the German Football team Mesut Ozil has announced to retire from the international football by introducing statements against the media and racial prejudices against him.

German Famous Muslim Footballer Mesut Ozil Take Retirement!!!

German Famous Muslim Footballer Mesut Ozil Take Retirement!!!

Social Contact Website on Twitter the famous footballer Mesut Ozil said that the German Football Federation has been raising questions on my patriotism. As well as in the recent World Cup, my performance was targeted rather than the entire team.

So I do not want to be part of the German football team now. Mesut Ozil said that my native family is from Turkey and I have two hearts, one heart turkey while the second beats for Germany.

In May this year, a refugee organization in London Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan met the second meeting of my life and I gave Rajab Tayyip Erdogan as a gift of my signature shirt.

Which media cameras have saved, I had this meeting as a footballer, but with the Turkish President, my picture was unfolded instead, it became me to be discouraged by racial and political And I was told to lie and cheat.

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