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NAWAZ Sharif coming back to Pakistan from London today. Other than the likelihood that officials of the National Accountability Bureau will arrest Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz upon their arrival in Lahore, there is a great deal of political and legal uncertainty.

The PML-N said that an undeclared crackdown by the caretaker of Punjab government is already underway against to its leaders and supporters and that measures will be taken to prevent the party from marching and gathering in Lahore today.

It is not clear that the extent PML-N’s allegations are accurate, but there does appear to be ill-advised and unacceptable attempts by authorities in Punjab to curb the PML-N’s political activities ahead of Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s return.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif is returning to Pakistan after publicly promising to come back before his last departure to visit his ill wife in the London. Shahbaz Sharif has called all PML-N supporters to welcome Nawaz Sharif and advice remain peaceful, and it is hoped that Mian Nawaz Sharif will reiterate that message.

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