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ISLAMABAD: A unanimous resolution was adopted by the Senate of Pakistan against a blasphemous caricature cartoon competition in the Netherlands National Assembly. This year, Dutch anti-Islam politician Greet Wilders announced to holding of a cartoon competition depicting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that competition of perverted Khakas, is due to a collective failure of Muslims, while this issue will be discussed in the UN and OIC.

The Senate approved the condemned resolution against the cartoon competition in the Netherlands, leader Senator Shabli Faraz presented a resolution saying that the love of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a part of the faith of Muslims.

It was mentioned in the resolution that the Pakistan government should raise the issue of cartoon competition of Holly Prophet PBUH in the United Nations Security Council.

After passing of the resolution in Senate, PM Imran Khan made his first speech to the upper House of Parliament. Imran Khan said that his government would take up the matter of blasphemous caricatures in the UN General Assembly and OIC.

Imran Khan said that we understand the European mindset and they do not understand the love Muslims have for the Holly Prophet (PBUH).

He said that a session of the OIC should be held to discuss the matter of that blasphemous caricature competition about our Holly Prophet PBUH.

Ahmad Khan has been a film producer, private investigator, reporter, teacher, and screenwriter. Graphics Designer And Web Developer | CEO At Next Tech

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