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Ahmad Khan



Imran Khan's Jalsa In Jhang Failed Badly

                                                                    Imran Khan’s Jalsa In Jhang Failed Badly


Imran Khan Jalsa in Jhang thus could not succeed it was not expected even for time for this event the PTI ticket candidates were busy preparing for a week.

There were fifteen thousand chairs in Jalsa which was more than half empty Perhaps due to this, Imran Khan said at the beginning of the speech ” You are looking at it I do not like to come.

People will be coming and I will be going. According to a sensitive institution’s report at the time of addressing the number of people in Jalsa was 7 thousand.

Most of the people are Instead of sitting on the chairs Stand up. It is also worth mentioning that Candidates and people were expecting Referring to the Jhang backwardness of Imran Khan Any College or another important project will promise but everyone in this regard was disappointed.


Ahmad Khan has been a film producer, private investigator, reporter, teacher, and screenwriter. Graphics Designer And Web Developer | CEO At Next Tech

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