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The TUESDAY’S suicide blast in Peshawar on Haroon Bilour that claimed some 20 lives has brought Pakistan face to face with a reality that many of us have been too timid to confront:  in this country can be a dangerous phase for politics and can be slow down the campaigning system. The dead in this accident included the ANP’s Haroon Bilour, whose father was also killed in the same attack in 2012.

This dangerous attack took place on Mr. Bilour when he was busy in the campaigning of there party. The blast took place when Haroon Bilour arrived at the site of corner meeting. He suffered from serious injuries and he was shifted to Lady Reading Hospital (LRH).

General Shafqat Malik said that according to our final investigation, it was a suicide attack and Haroon Bilour was the target, He said that an initial probe suggested that a young boy blast himself to the main entrance of the gathering when Bilour entered the ceremony.





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