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Eggs are best friends of pregnant women in terms of nutrition.

LONDON: Nutritionists say that in the foods list of the pregnant mothers, now eggs are dominant those cannot be ignored in any way.

Egg contains iodine, Foolad, vitamin D, B12, and other important nutrients that complete the need of food for both mother and child. For example, during pregnancy, the whole need of vitamin B12  can get 100% with only one egg.

British specialists again reviewed 18 different surveys of research reports of pregnant women and chicken eggs, whose detail have published in the Network Health Digest.

The report said that if pregnant women regular use of eggs, a lot of problems such as mental stress, low weight childbirth etc can be finished

Experts have said that eggs are full of protein. It has a slight amount of chains of fatty acids that increase the weight of the baby and keep the birth duration accurate, then the foolad available in eggs complete the shortage of iron in mother and child, who is very important during pregnancy.

Vitamin B12 in the egg keeps blood cells and nerve cells in healthy condition, which improves the condition of the is clear that two years ago, the British government has removed the eggs from the food list of pregnant women.

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