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Garlic plays an important role in saving from many diseases.

In all over the world commonly available garlic is the benefit for health. According to Nutrition and Medical experts, It contains Antioxidants, Revolutionary Compounds Alison, Diallyl-Disulfide and other important ingredients.

The sulfur compounds found in the digestive system compile your important effects on the body through food. This is very low in calorie but nutrition is very high. In 28 grams garlic 23 grams of manganese, 17% Vitamin B6, 15% Vitamin C, some quantity of Selenium, Fiber, Folate, Protein and other useful chemicals are present. But the quantity of calories are 42.

* Winter and save from the cold:

The useful ingredients of garlic are safe us from the cold. Regular use of this is reduced cold attack 63%. Regular use of garlic is also blow the flu attack.

*Control blood pressure:

The chemicals play an important role in the controlling of blood pressure present in garlic. Experts say that to reduce the blood pressure, eat four pieces of the garlic daily.

The other important thing is that regular use of garlic is that keep cholesterol in their limit.

*Alzheimer’s and Protect other diseases from mental illness

There are several Antioxidant enzymes in garlic. On one side Blood pressure keeps on the normal. So on the other side, Alzheimer’s and Dementia like fast attackers also avoid brain diseases. Then the age goes wrong with the passing of cells it also stops it.

*Garlic increase life

Since useful ingredients in garlic prevent blood pressure and many diseases, That’s why saving humans from disease before time stop from death. Besides that garlic cells break and slows down the process of affecting which also decreases in physical diseases.

*Garlic and physical strength

Experiments on mice in the laboratory reveal that Garlic improves their ability by exercising energy and running. Historic references prove that Ancient Greek Olympic players used garlic for several weeks before comparison. It increased their capacity.

*Heart Disease and garlic

Garlic and its oils have a unique ability to remove heart diseases. Normal blood pressure and a man with healthy cholesterol many diseases can escape from the heart.

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