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The popularity of tea in Pakistan refusal is not possible and this hot drink is also liked in most parts of the world. In various research reports the benefits of tea addiction are mentioned. As before time brain tension protection, specific types of cancer, paralysis, heart disease and diabetes risk reduction etc. However, excessive use of this may also be harmful to the health.

How beneficial tea and coffee are? However, the question is that How much drinking tea can be harmful daily? Learn more damages about drinking more tea before knowing its answer. Sleep problems caffeine in the tea urine causes the most. Especially if you drink too much, Similarly blowing this sleep or the risk of other problems also increases.

Theophylline takes a chemical in tea during the process of digesting food can cause dehydration. That makes the hunt of Constipation. Well, tea moves the intestines or is also beneficial to protect from constipation. But the use of high quantity it’s enough to get constipation.

Mental disturbance caffeine is also known as a popular drug that affects mood. Which can also make negative effects on the body with positive, Drink too much tea lack of sleep, mental anxiety, and Heartbeat to increases the risk of speed. Tea and fish useful for heart diseases, bladder cancer this is the biggest loss of drinking tea too much.

According to a research, Men who drink too much tea, the risk of bladder cancer in it more than others. Problems of blood vessels are due to caffeine in tea. It is not very good for the system of blood vessels and making it a very large amount of body parts can cause heart disease.

How many cups of tea can be considered too much? In this regard, the answer is not clear. In various research reports, it has been said that 2 to 4 cups can be considered normal every day.

While some claim that tea can drink up to 10 cups daily. However, in the opinion of medical experts On average, 3 to 5 cups of tea should be used daily, Not more than that.

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