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Millions of pregnant women in Pakistan face smoke in their homes, who affected their children.

The rate of smoking in pregnant women is very low in Pakistan, but due to the smoking of husbands and other people in homes, the women are affecting and killing their children.

UK experts have revealed that smoking’s smoke (Second Hand Smoking) in Pakistani homes is causing a birth of 17,000 die children every year.

Due to enters the smoke in pregnant women, being a cause of the children’s death in a mother’s womb or during the birth.

Experts said that if women do not take cigarette during pregnancy, cigarette’s smoke also is extremely dangerous for them and their children. Children born under the continuous presence of poisonous smoke are born lightweight or dead.

In this case, there was a lack of data related to “Second Hand Smok”, and therefore the first survey of its kind has been done. The survey included Misar, Armenia, Pakistan, Nepal etc.

In the five-year survey, 37,427 pregnant women were questioned questions who were based on the quality of their children’s birth and husband’s cigarette at home. These questions were developed on different models.

The lowest rate was seen in Cango, which was 17 percent, while the rate of “secondhand smoking” in Pakistani homes is  91.6 percent.

In Pakistan 40% women facing cigarette’s smoke.for that reason, there are born 17000 dead children in Pakistan every year.

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