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Contaminated diet to usually used diseases are very common and in this regard, chicken meat is considered to be the biggest responsible. Recently, the US Department of Health, CDC, came under investigation regarding the spread of contaminated nutritious diseases. Researchers discovered that Chicken meat caused the most of the diseases spread over other nutrients. Is Chicken Beneficial For Health?

According to research, Seeds of vegetables, fish and milk made product can also cause the diseases, However, overall chicken causes the most illness. It is believed that during the research period of 2009 to 2015 in the US on the spread of nutritious diseases, It can not be applied to Pakistan, But guessing is not difficult that here too chicken or contaminated foods can cause spreading diseases.

According to researchers, due to the spread of chicken diseases are no secrets, of course this meat storage, manage it and cooking techniques there is a lot of importance to prevent diseases. Eggs, raw milk, vegetables of green leaves and chickens are nutrients in which the risk of bacteria growth is very high, Although it is safe to eat but there is more caution than chicken. Chicken Meat is often known as salmonella bacteria that Inflammation of the intestines and can cause food poisoning, especially elders, pregnant women and children may be dangerous.

People make the biggest mistake that before cooking the chicken after wash, they feel that all the hazardous health bacteria have expired. How much does the chicken eat benefit from the body? However, they are spreading bacteria to other items and nutrients in the kitchen.

According to the guidelines of medical experts, When it is intended to cook chicken meat, it is very important that it does not wash, but if you do not cook, keep it in the freezer.

Likewise wash these things carefully, where this meat is temporarily kept and wash your hands well. Bacteria called Campylobacter also found in Chicken. While Salmonella is mentioned above. These are such germs, those who can also survive during cooking.

That’s why it is also necessary, Chicken cooked in the high flame so that the end of harmful bacteria can be ensured Because their small quantity is also sufficient for illness.

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