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KARACHI: If you are talking about fruit nutrients every season and every color of the fruit is the best prescription for health.

But experts strongly insist that some fruits have a special importance in the power of nature plant. Now it has been scientifically confirmed. So why not first we talk about the benefit of pear.

Pear, weight loss exercises:


The pear of the proper size is 30% more fiber compared to the same size of an apple. Then the fiber found in the pear resolving in the body very fast and become a part of it. If you want to lose weight so must try this fruit because it press the hungry and saved from the eat much food.

And yes! Pear magical fiber has controlled the Cholesterol.

Apricot, A good diet:

Apricot consists of Vitamin C and many other useful chemicals and antioxidants. It stops the break down at the cellular level and creating a body protects many diseases in which cancer is on the top of the list.

In which Vitamin A is the protector of eyesight which also saves infection and enhances the brain nerves. That’s why children should definitely eat the apricot.


Full of potassium Banana:

Potassium present in Bananas are improve to the muscles. Regularly eat Banana helps to  keep blood pressure normal. Useful nutrients in the Banana increase the digestion and give the power to the stomach.

Banana shake must be tested for quick power in weakness.


Vitamin C and Peach:

Vitamin C in peach plays an important role in the body. It enables you to fight diseases by strengthening the body.

The high volume of fiber in the peach controls the hazardous health cholesterol “LDL”. Apart from this, peach have many other benefits.



Internal Physiotherapy Treatment, Plum:

The color of plum is attracted to us. Polyphenols and antioxidants present in the plum of malnutrition in Pakistan. Some of the quantity feeling a stomach and helps to reduce the weight loss.

The plum plays an important role in maintaining stomach and intestines. It also contain some amount of vitamins C, magnesium and potassium.


Eat apple, say no to doctor:

With an apple daily meal, the doctor stays away apples have all the ingredients that do not let you get ill. Eating apples reduces the risk of paralysis and the body also receives fiber in proper quantity.

According to American specialist nutrition eat apple with his cover because the main ingredients hidden in the cover are also a health guard.

Dozens benefits of grapes:

Grape is the instant energy provider fruit. Red grapes are full of antioxidants and other important ingredients. The regular use of it keeps the lungs and respiratory tubes healthy.

There are more than 40 benefits of grapes in traditional wisdom. It removes  the weakness, Makes blood and the prevention of cancer.





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