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When Salman Khan Said To Jhanvi Kapoor For Dance

                                                            When Salman Khan Said To Jhanvi Kapoor For Dance

According to Indian media reports, Bollywood actor Jhanvi Kapoor said to revealed about Salman Khan. she said that she goes to the film set almost daily with her father and mother.

But I remember that when I was 10-12 years old I went to the set of the film ‘Wanted’, where Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were busy in rehearsal on a song, I quietly moved to the room where the rehearsal was going.

She said that her heart wants to perform the dance after watching both the actors. And that’s why I could not stop myself at this time and began to dance at the corner of the room, and I was busy in the dance and I did not realize that on the other hand, Salman Khan is watching me.

Jhanvi Kapoor said that when I looked at Salman Khan, he called me to come and dance in the middle of the room. And I began to dance around all the people without saying anything. At that time everyone was encouraging me, but when I remember today, I feel embarrassed.

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