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Mumbai: Showbiz Desk: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh first glimpse of the film full of police giri film ‘Samba’ has emerged.

Ranbir Singh, an actor of Indian film Indicator Ranbir Singh, shared some highlights of the shooting action during his new film ‘Samaa’, directed by actor Rohit Shetty on the social networking website, in which Ranbir looks uniform in Police are there as promo has been told to initially raise voice against the crime committed against women, and it’s been told as well. If today with women if the injustice is not stopped, then the next impression may be from your family.

During a 40-second video, the director, Rohit Shetty, has been conducting action against Ranbir Singh. When it is finally told that whoever commits a crime will be punished. The film poster can clearly be seen that Ranveer Singh will be showing the role of the police officer. In which his opponent Saif Ali Khan daughter, Sara Ali Khan is playing the main role the movie will be celebrated on 28th December next year.

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