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Bollywood’s Dimple Girl, Deepika Padukone and actress Ranveer Singh’s final date of marriage was finalized. At the same time, figures of the number of guests included in their wedding ceremony also came.

According to sources of the close pair, this year both will be married on November 20. The report was claimed that the pair would marry the European country in Italy. The report also said that only 30 people will be invited to the wedding ceremony, including both the family members their close friends will be included.

Though the list of guests did not appear yet, however, it is believed that their wedding will be featured by Bollywood.

How the couple will marry in Italy, not in any detail in this regard, however, it is likely to be close to their marriage Lake Como Italy’s leading tourist.

It is also believed that the couple will hold a ceremony of their wedding in India, but where this event will be held, anything in this regard is before the time.

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