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No reason it being a while since Priyanka Chopra said it quits with the upcoming Bollywood film ‘Bharat’, lead actor Salman Khan has still not let her go of her decision of making an exit.

She called 1,000 times to be in 'Bharat': Salman Khan takes a dig at Priyanka

She called 1,000 times to be in ‘Bharat’: Salman Khan takes a dig at Priyanka

In malice of the movie director Ali Abbas Zafar taking Priyanka’s decision to quit on a lighter mistake of writing a note, khan with his latest mocking comment claiming that the Quantico starlet had called his sister and Zafar, a thousand times part of the film.

“She called up 1,000 times, saying ‘I want to work with Salman’, she also called the director and said – ‘See if you can get me in this film’,” stated Salman.

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan had taken the international icon earlier as well during the launch event of the 12th season of Big Boss.

Ahmad Khan has been a film producer, private investigator, reporter, teacher, and screenwriter. Graphics Designer And Web Developer | CEO At Next Tech

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