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Actress Mawra Hussain recently passed the examination of advocacy 85% of the numbers.

KARACHI: a few days back Actor Mawra Hussain announced about their advocacy degree, but now there are many questions standing on social media about corresponding degrees.

Actress Mawra Hussain has recently passed the exam of advocate with 85 percent marks and she is very happy to get the best marks.

Maura sister Urwa Hussain twitted and said with happiness that Advocate Mawra Hussain has earned 67 percent in the “Rules of Law” and 85 percent of the “Islamic law article“. She also said that she proud of her sister.

However, where Urwa is happy to pass her sister examination, on the other hand, social media users have not believed that Mawra Hussain has become a lawyer.

On social media,  is being criticized on the Mawra Hussain due to passing the examination with 85% marks. The user named Aniqa Mujahid wrote, “How much money you give Mawra to be a lawyer?” Another user supported to Aniqa Mujahid and wrote, “Yes because degree can be purchased from money.”

Another writer wrote, “how can she knows Islamic laws”, another user wrote, “Mawra does not know yet Pakistan’s Chief Justice name”.The user named Sam Marwat wrote, “was she read?

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