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Mumbai (Shubs Desk), a leading Bollywood actress Kajol latest film ‘helicopter Ella, September 7 the cinema will be appreciated. Helicopter Eela trailer released Kajol birthday in which she will appear as a singer for the first time.

Kajol is the role of the mother in this film that picks up 22 years after admission to study in college for his son.

Kajol is playing the role of a mother in the movie which is in his son’s classroom 22 years later admission to education. Mother and I in the film “helicopter eela”

The attempt to highlight the relationship between son relationship and parents and children is to highlight the matter the national award-winning actor playing the role of Wewan, son of Kajol.

When Neha Dhupia will also appear in the film after marriage that would adorn cinemas on September 7.

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