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Karachi (Showbiz) Pakistani singer and actor Farhan Saeed criticized the prominent people and ordinary people going to other countries before the elections 2018.

Farhan Saeed Criticise the Actors For No Vote Cast

Farhan Saeed Criticise the Actors For No Vote Cast

Farhan Saeed said on Twitter via his tweet that people do not understand the future of the country in such a way. The singer said that ‘people belonging to my industry and those who are going out of Pakistan in this crucial time are very sad.

You are requested to don’t think a fun the future of our country. Farhan Saeed did not name anyone in his tweet.

However, it seems that he is criticizing the stars going to Toronto to attend the Hum awards. Remember that Farhan Saeed is looking to support Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on social media, who also sang the PTI election campaign.

Farhan Saeed with Imran Khan

Farhan Saeed with Imran Khan

It is believed that on 28th of July, the hum awards are going to be held in Toronto. For which many Pakistani actors have left there for the preparation.

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