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Do Not Focus On Attractive Women More Warning FIFA Broadcasters.

Do Not Focus On Attractive Women More Warning FIFA Broadcasters.

Moscow (Monitoring Desk) astonishingly women in the football world cup Harassment events shocked everyone. The human behaviorist confirmed that the World Cup 2018 During sexual intercourse over sexual intercourse, there was a big problem, and many incidents occurred. Women’s reporter and bird casters were harassed on the streets of Russia during the World Cup.

And FIFA sexually harassed from various authentic sources Over 30 incidents were reported. Regarding problems facing the World Cup Talking to the FIFA’s Diversity Program, FIFA wants to Show the images and videos of attractive women in the future at the Broadcasters Stadium. Federico Adiichi said that FIFA was nationally concerned about the issue Broadcasters is planning to communicate with their personal producer teams.

Lovely Pyar, direct director of the Fair Work, said that breeding The problems did not have to face the extent we were expecting

, He praised the people of Russia The guests were bestowed on the best way, but this Instead of malicious behavior and aggressive behavior with women media workers and fans became a subject matter. Pawar said the cases of sexual harassment came to light In half of these cases women were targeted to hit female casters At the time when he was in direct coverage on his TV While he estimates that 10 times more to target women The incidents will not be reported.

The first incident of harassing female reporter in the ongoing World Cup in Russia At the time when the event was in the first round of the event A fan of Columbia’s journalist reporting for the German institution was kissed. The female reporter was reporting directly The reporter did a kiss that gave him a kiss The video was broadcast on its Instagram and wrote that ‘Respect! We do not deserve this practice.

This series did not stop this and within a week of this incident, A Russian journalist was trying to kiss at Yekaterinburg in Russia. But they failed it.

Brazilian TV journalist Julia Guimarrass performs the reporting duties in front of the camera He was giving a kiss on his cheeks But the woman journalist tried to take her back and saved herself. Julia expressed intense disturbance on the occasion on which kisses The person trying to apologize immediately.

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