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Karachi (Monitoring Desk) An increase in imports of goods and services increased the deficit of $ 18 billion in the fiscal year 2017-18. In comparison to the year 2016-17, 5 billion 37 million $ 42.57% of the national production (GDP) is 5.7 percent compared to 4.1 percent of GDP in Focal Air earlier.

The Current Account Deficit Reached $ 18 billion!!

                                                   The Current Account Deficit Reached $ 18 billion!!

According to data released by the State Bank of Pakistan in the 2017-18 year, the current account deficit was 17 billion 99 million to 40 million in 2016-17 to $ 12 billion that year, 62 million to $ 10 million.

One with each passing quarter in the current account deficit minor exclusively increased with the exception, and in this way, all the control measures on the deficit proved to be unprofessional.July to September of the current account deficit increased by $ 3 billion 54 million, October 4, 2013, to the US $ 4 billion 37 million, July-July quarter increased by the US $ 4 billion 27 million and April-June quarter deficit increased by 5 billion 79 million reached the dollar.

In June, the current account was $ 1.2 billion, while $ 2 billion in May was $ 10 million in the loss. In this period, the biggest part of the current account deficit was the loss of goods and services which led to significant imports of imports in the case of exports.

Although the value of rupees in the value of rupees several times the export was restored after the decline and the exports of goods increased by 13 percent while the exports of goods were increased by 12.6 percent, all efforts to control imports proved to be rare.

Import duty could not be able to control the import and imported goods imported by 14.7 percent, imports of goods were 55 billion $ 6.6 million and trade deficit stood at $ 31 billion 740 million, which was less than $ 26 billion in the fiscal year 2016-17. $ 4 billion was high.

Similarly, the overall deficit of the previous financial year commodities traded $ 36 billion to the US $ 3.5 billion compared to $ 31 billion, while the transit was $ 19 billion to $ 50 million, with an increase of $ 10 billion worth of $ 10 million. Which proved inadequate to meet the huge current account deficit.

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