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American famous company Ronald Rap has given an advertisement In which he announced the job of Chief Grilling Officer( CGO).

According to the company, the Officer will have to eat the B.B.Q of the famous restaurants rooted in the  United States and will give his opinion about them.

Job Duration consists of only two weeks and all food and travel costs will bear the company and pay ten thousand dollars as salary. Thus the CGO work will only wander and eat.

According to the company, during the job, CGO will be sent to the best restaurants in the US  who are famous for B.B.Q and Grill meat. Instead, they will need to post their own views, pictures, and use of this hotel  Website and social media.

For this interesting job said to the candidates that they have to prove himself as a most qualified person for this job in 100 words and also provide pictures and methods of the best B.B.Q.

Remember that the application for the job the last date is 13 August night(12:00).

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