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The famous social website Skype introduced a call recording feature for video calls on the internet. According to detail, Microsoft has announced a Major Update for Skype.

This update will be updated to users in the coming months. Before that for recording callers, users used to have third-party plugins. But users demand was so high that Microsoft had to introduce this feature now.

Introduce New Feature Of Call Recording In Skype

                                            Introduce New Feature Of Call Recording In Skype

This feature is fully cloud-based call recording. This is more useful for those people which use Skype with different devices. In this way, users will be able to hear their conversation recording on different devices.

Whenever you record call in Skype so all participants of the conversation will be informed about this. This feature is not yet available. But the version of Skype will be updated to 8.0.

Microsoft also introduced some features, other apps that have already launched several years ago. For example, Users can automation users from @ and can see chat from media gallery something that has been shared in the chat.

The number of monthly users in Skype is 30 million. There was no increase in this number for a long time.

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